Normalized Incompetence.

The Navy released a new NAVADMIN yesterday, announcing that we'd have only one PFA cycle next year from 01APR22-30SEP22.

The reason?

Big Navy gives a few (to include COVID and the new plank scoring still being fuzzy), but the one that stands out the most would have to be:

The previous contractor has not delivered PRIMS-2 as scheduled.

To be fair, they actually give this as a reason that 2021's PFA will have some modifications in reporting, but it's emphasized again later:

Recognizing the foreseeable conditions to include continued pandemic, PRIMS-2 rollout and modality validation, there will be a single PFA cycle for CY 2022.

Now, from the outside looking in, there was zero reason to move to a new PRIMS version. "PRIMS 1" (which was actually greatly improved from the PRIMS I first dealt with when I came in) was perfectly easy to use, with my only complaints arising when the servers were being crappy.

Which, admittedly, was quite a bit.

Still, this gives me great hope for the future with regards to the idea of negotiating a contract with the DoD/DoN. If these clowns can get paid and then the Navy just shrugs off failure, the bar has to be exceptionally low.