Fleet Reserve orders came in.

And I'm so.



Sure: getting the approval for Fleet Reserve back in August was big, but this?

This is huge.

Think I'll frame it.

Thank god for portable apps.

Specifically: portable VSCode.

Had it on the ship, finally got around to getting it here.

And I've realized that although coding is somewhat like riding a bicycle, I'll need to put some training wheels on to avoid the crazy stumbles that come from not having done anything meaningful in the past few months.

...Since maybe June or July of last year, maybe?

I dunno.



Let's go, 2023.

Let's go.

Had the last of our four-day weekends for the holiday period, but tempo at work is still relatively relaxed for the next week or two.

New puppy boi is doing really well with his house-training, though he still sucks at responding to his name. Worse still is the fact that I've never encountered an animal so adept at disappearing from one place and respawning right under your feet.

Managed to make myself a new logo for FOXWERX over the weekend, and it marks the second thing I've been proud of in quite a long time. Also decided to dump WordPress entirely because it's a stupidly laggy platform out of the box. Or at least, the box that my hosting provider chooses to use for its automated installer system. Internet says the lag is largely caused by outdated or non-optimized plugins, and I just don't have time to be finagling with that kinda nonsense.

...Not when I can just build a more responsive system on my own and have full control over the system.



That's all I got.

Good luck in this new year, y'all!

Tired of so much damn coddling.

According to my countdown clock, I've got a little over 611 days before I get to retire.

Not being the kinda guy that wants to leave things until the last minute, I opted to make a few different trackers with timelines and milestones to help keep track of what I need to take care of to ensure that I don't get stuck in some kinda administrative limbo—especially with the fact that the Navy has really dropped the ball with out-processing on the heels of the pandemic being a hot topic.

120 days ago, I knocked out my mandatory TAPS sessions. They still offer those virtualized, so I opted for that route. Glad I did, because my god the soapboxes are so much more manageable when you can just fall asleep in your chair. It was also at that point that I got my Fleet Reserve request approved.

Frustratingly, though, that's not all I've got for TAPS requirements. They also require that you complete at least two additional tracks:

  • Employment,
  • Education,
  • Vocational, or
  • Entrepreneurship

Because we're in a world where we can now search for answers to anything we want, I don't need these things. I'd even go so far as to wager that many—if not most—people don't. They either attend those tracks because it's time away from work (don't care) or because they enjoy socializing with people (I obviously abhor it).

So I talked with our command's Career Counselor about it.

"You told me that I could skip this requirement if I provide either a copy of a college or job acceptance letter, right?"

"Yep, that's right."

"I'm still a way out for either of those things. Can I just not put a check in one of those boxes and call it a day?"


"But I don't need those tracks. It's time away from my safe box that I'd rather not take. And any dummy can just Google that shit."

"Yes, well, not everyone is as smart as you are, Chief."

"I ain't smart."

"You need to stop saying that."

Self-deprecation aside, she gave me an excellent idea. Enter FOXWERX, LLC, an LLC I filed with the state Commonwealth of Virginia for the low cost of a hundred bucks. Website still has yet to make it past some incredibly rudimentary WordPress garbage, but I've got a bit of time before I fabricate the job offer letter from their HR department, run by the lovely missus.

The great thing is that there's not really a lot of ground for them to stand on to argue against a self-formed company, because I've effectively done two things: I've gained employment via entrepreneurship.

Checkmate, bitches.

And a hundred bucks is such a tiny sum to pay in order to avoid four days of driving on the interstate.

Dealing with all them cowardly/opportunistic asshats.


That's how loud I got in my irate screaming on the road this morning.

I know that because my watch got on my case for being in an excessively loud environment that could damage my hearing.

I'm done.

I can't handle people anymore.

Zero urgency.

Zero planning.


Need to retire.

Need to stay safe in my box.