Still into crochet.

(Also that last post was about pulling yarn from the butt of the skein. Tag apparently just didn't take, lol.)

And I have eight workdays left before leave, which then rolls right into SkilBridge.

Excited to close this chapter of my life.

But also a little worried.

Because this is all I've known for the past 20 years.


So much time.




Pulling from the butt is the _best_ way.

Full stop.

So I'm into crochet now.

And it's remarkably zen.

Just the same maneuvers over and over and over again. Sometimes I need to stop and figure out which autopilot did which thing wrong and reverse course to correct, but... for the most part, I can just zone out as the hours disappear.

Which is super solid considering that I spend an enormous time at work with nothing to do.

Also: a recent segment I watched of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver had me even more angry at the concept of degrees and certifications.

Like, great. You're CSMP, PMP, TNT, and GMO.

But can you tell me what a string is?

A boolean?

A ternary operator?

Then get the fuck outta here.

Healthcare and restaurants.

Those are the only two sectors I would absolutely, positively never considering stepping foot into.

Or even remotely near.

Think about it:

  • If your food sucks, you fail. Not only do I completely suck at cooking, but tastes are entirely subjective and I usually err on the side of salty.
  • If your surgery fails, someone dies.

Plus I just don't like dealing with people directly.

Or indirectly.

Or at all.

Twenty years.

Two decades.

7,300 days.

This is the longest I've ever held a job, and the longest I'll ever hold a job ever again.

And on this most auspicious of days, where do I find myself?

At work.

On a Saturday.

Waiting for duty turnover.

Soon as that's done, going back home and gonna take a nap.

Because naps are good.