Mmmmm... Leave.

Always makes me feel a tiny bit more... human.

But also a bit more... "feral"?

Spent the vast majority of last week completely holed up inside the house. Partly because of the overbearing heat and my deteriorating ability to handle it, but also because I just don't want to risk more interaction with other humans than I absolutely have to.

Ordered me a Valve Index so I can get a bit more immersed in socialization that's more comfortable.

...And further escape reality.

Also got a lot more MDF and lumber than I'd intended, but I'll make it work

So fucking angry lately.

And it's counteracting my blood pressure medication to a surprising degree.

...Like, it's as if I'm not even taking the stuff.

Went to Lowe's the other day to grab some acetone. Knew exactly where to find it in the store, so showed up an hour after the store had opened and was immediately anxious due to how many folk were there. Further, they were mulling about like useless zombies with zero urgency to what they were doing or where they were going. Nearly got taken out by some random Karen popping out of an aisle without looking where she was going.

Got my acetone and went to checkout.

A dude that was in the process of paying failed to register he'd inserted the wrong end of his card TWICE before making the fumbling bumbling correction.

Checked out and immediately darted for the door.

Boy Scouts with their popcorn.


Back in the car and to the safety of my own home.

And in the days since, driving around has just gotten... infuriating. People going severely under the speed limit if they even vaguely smell the petrichor, and the school buses are out and about again.

Meaning that I need to be on the road to get to my 0730 job at 0500 if I want to fully avoid their myriad (and seriously fucking excessive) number of stops.

If obesity truly is a problem in this country, why not make the fat li'l bastards walk a few hundred feet and congregate in a singular stop?

Fuck me sideways.

Sure are a lot of folks throwing stones in their glass houses...

(Mine is reinforced borosilicate, so I'm good.)

All these Chiefs coming out and being general asshats to the newly selected Chiefs... it's cringy as shit. Especially since the ones throwing the flak are shit themselves at meeting deadlines on time and are just pretenders in general.

Don't get me wrong: I'm also terrible when it comes to pretending, but at least my pretending is in the form of the daily facade of "professional" that I wear.

And then there's the whole self-accountability bit.

Not enough preaching for that.

But also: this guy. Granted it's an old article, but it's delicious proof that Chiefs aren't the infallible folk they position themselves as.

Also: why can't we get right with our shitty driving when the ground is only slightly damp?

Someone stole dozens of ghost pepper pods.

Right from my back yard.

...Because of course, there's nothing wrong with that.

Time to beef up the cameras.

Because I will find you.

And I will do many, many petty things to make your life frustrating.

Coming around the corner on the final stretch of my commute.

Massively long line of cars for no reason.

Oh, wait: it's Cheef Season.

Fuck my life.