Looks like the Navy finally set its eye on optimizing CPOs.

To be fair, this strikes me as a natural extension of the already tried-and-true(ish) CPO redistribution that they end up doing to certain folks that hit E-7 depending on specific criteria, but it's still something I'll now be stressing for the next two and a half years.

On the flipside, eNavFit is now a thing, and it's just a matter of waiting for individual admin teams to get the backend stuff all squared away.

Thank god for small miracles, I guess?

First ever post from my iPad.

Not really that it’s particularly noteworthy; just not really much else going on.

Pretty much shat the weekend away without a damn thing going on. Pola continues to backpedal in terms of her development—particularly on the housebreaking front—but more worrisome is the fact that she’s still got the squirts several days. And I opted to go ahead and get her off the bullshit Purina stuff that ol’ boy recommended and go with Blue Buffalo.

…Turns out from a Google search that that may not be a great idea.

I understand that dogs have particularly sensitive stomachs when it comes to sudden food change, but it’s been a week now, and I’ve never seen that kinda stomach upset persist quite so bad.

Wife’s gonna call the vet tomorrow and ask for their two cents, so we’ll see what happens.

In other news, had some pretty crappy rain and wind yesterday, which I should’ve understood was the payment for the 54º weather we’d been “gifted”.

And because of the wind and rain combo assault, also had the pleasure of having to go out and repair the fence again.

Gonna get around to replacing it in its entirety, but that’s definitely gonna be a retirement project.

With puppies, who needs children?

Pola has been with us for a week now, and we're all still getting along famously.

...Except Kerri, who's definitely a lot more mercurial about her. Each day starts with general annoyance, then transitions to... acceptance.

We'd been making great strides with housebreaking, as well, but had a sudden reversion this morning two two massive pools of crap in the hallway upstairs and the living room.

Fortunately, the bigger of the two pools was on hardwood, so... easy fix.

Other than that, just keepin' on keepin' on.

Four-day weekend gives me time to help wife with Pola, as well as general handymanning around the place on stuff I've continued to be lazy about.

Skilcraft is Terrible.

Another in a field of swords I'd die on.

To be clear: I entirely support the idea of providing jobs to those with impairments or disabilities.

What I do not support is overpriced garbage for the sake of being overpriced garbage.

Skilcraft pens are terrible.

Skilcraft trashcan liners almost always end up having more than a few that are just sheets of sealed plastic.

Skilcraft dry erase markers are smudgy pieces of hot garbage that almost never wipe away cleanly.

And then you find reviews from employees of Skilcraft lambasting the company for shitty work conditions, and you feel vindicated for finding the entire brand terrible. And then you go a step further and read the somewhat brief Wikipedia article on the brand and find things like

By 1960, NIB had 62 affiliated workshops. In 1970, black blind workers went on strike at a Skilcraft plant in Greensboro, North Carolina, citing poor working conditions, discrimination and low wages.

I'll concede that condemning a company for practices in an entirely different social area is a bit of a stretch, but still.

Ever since I can remember I've had a tendency to severe brand loyalty:

  • Smucker's is the only jam I'll buy.
  • Jif is generally the only peanut butter in the house.
  • Heinz is the only ketchup.
  • Quartet makes amazing VAPs.
  • Expo makes great markers to go with those VAPs.
  • Uni-ball makes the best pens.
  • Seagram's makes the best ginger ale. Also I'm fond of their whiskey.

The last part of that last line is definitely not a popular opinion, but it's cheap and it gets me where I need to go.

Already looking at accessories to add to my shiny new VAP and make it all professional and whatnot. Chart tape, Expo markers and caddies...

So excited.


Could've gone with VAPing, but figured I'd lean into the juvenile.

Installed my Visual Aid Panel (VAP), and I'm irrationally stoked. VAPs, by the way, are the moniker given to the artists previously known as whiteboards, since the term "whiteboard" isn't proper inclusive language.


My last post ended prematurely following a quote from a website regarding COVID test kits. And since I'm too lazy to have built a post editing function, I'm gonna leave it that way. To finish the thought, though: the fact that people are up in arms about jacked up prices for test kits is absolutely mind-boggling.

"The test I need to take because I'm feeling ill after getting together with dozens of other people that in all likelihood were around someone else that was infected in this clusterfuck is overpriced!"

That's them.

That's what they sound like.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Reading more and more into political news since I've got excessive amounts of free time early in the morning, and all I have to say is this: make political work an actual service to the country to weed out the corruption. Treat political workers like enlisted folk in terms of housing: we'll pay for you to live in this dorm, and if you decide you don't like it, that comes out of your insanely low paycheck every month.

I'd take it one step further and not even allow them the decency of a housing allowance at any career milestone.

You know... keep them humble.

And at any sign of accepting bribes or other monetary gifts, we sentence them to swift and immediate


Don't care where, but you can't stay here.