Time flies like arrows.

And fruit flies like bananas.

But seriously, though: the days at this new place may seem long due to a distinct lack of anything really going on in the IT world, but by golly if the time hasn't continued to slip by.

Increasingly worried that something is gonna go terribly wrong.


As weather over here continues its march towards being more reasonable in terms of heat/unreasonable in terms of being frigid, I've gotta work somewhat quickly before we drop down to what could potentially flatline into freezing temperatures.

And given the fact that habaneros and above have a frustratingly long germination period, I've gotta bring in at least one of each plant to ensure I can keep my capsaicin cravings met.

Which isn't a problem in our current day and age considering how cheap full-spectrum lighting and plant food is, but it is a problem when you take into consideration the fact that this year has seen some of the worst representation from the fungus gnat/no-see-em group in as long as I can remember.

This weekend is when I make the shift: one ghost pepper plant, one habanero plant, and the sole sugar rush peach plant.

And then figure out how to go about with damage control for the pest problem I'll face afterward.


TIL: Helmets should be replaced every five years.

...And here I've had the same Shoei RF-1100 since 2009.


I haven't died yet, so there's that?


With each day, comes a new application of the same old anxieties.

  • Are those assholes gonna have somehow parked in newer, more creative ways?
  • What's the scale gonna say this morning?
  • Am I going to find a random cockroach skittering across the floor?
  • Is that small dent in the pavement gonna fuck up my brakes?

On the part of the scale: things have definitely been going downhill since leaving San Diego. I can't pin much of the blame on Virginia since I distinctly wanted to come here, but I've managed to find all kinds of excuses for why I can't go out and get on my regular runs like I used to. It's too hot, too cold, too many damn gnats hovering at just the right height... but I'm gonna make a round turn on this one.

A somewhat new bit of anxiety has recently hit me, though: if someone over in Millington decides that for whatever reason I'm worth promoting again, my planned transition to the Fleet Reserves is gonna be pushed down the road until I can hit the mandatory two years time in rate requirement.

...And then there's that pesky NAVADMIN that came out in September, talking about optimizing assignments for E-8s and 9s.

Fortunately, worst case scenario for me at this point with that regard is I get picked up next year for ITCS and they realize, "We don't really need you there anymore. But we heard you did great things on that ship you just came from..."

What a terrifying thought.


Never been big on it.

And when I mean "never", I mean never.

Even as a junior guy, I never sought out praise for accomplishments. Kinda goes against my "flying safely under the radar" bit.

Even so, if someone asks for help with sitting some "oQ" boards, I'll do my part.

Was scheduled to run from 0900 through 1000, but ended up running a bit long: we didn't finish until 1040 or so.

It was fun, but these things are... I dunno. Meh.

In other news: Dog the Bounty Hunter eager to find Brian Laundrie and return to his honeymoon.

I couldn't not read that as, "the publicity here is starting to run thin, and I'm bored".

Solid dude.