Back to work.

...On development stuff.

SkillBridge has been keeping me more than a little busy with other projects and I've grown accustomed to be able to shift to other non-IT things when I'm not doing IT things, so this site has kinda... festered a bit.

The backend is kind of a mess because I set it up to be super basic so I could just get the site out there, and I know that at least one individual got on my case for the super lazy I way I handle the navigation on mobile devices, so... yep.

Got things to do.

Gonna try to get them done.


Just found my super old Objective-C projects.

And I'm happier than I expected I'd be.


Good times.


Also: legacy is a neat word.

Still alive.


Doing the SkillBridge thing as I circle the drain that is the end of my time in the Navy.

Getting back into coding after what was a ridiculously long period of... not...

Is interesting.


Still into crochet.

(Also that last post was about pulling yarn from the butt of the skein. Tag apparently just didn't take, lol.)

And I have eight workdays left before leave, which then rolls right into SkilBridge.

Excited to close this chapter of my life.

But also a little worried.

Because this is all I've known for the past 20 years.


So much time.




Pulling from the butt is the _best_ way.

Full stop.