Since the incident with Zephyr, she's been grounded due to my inability to commit to anything.

Today, I went out there and got to it with the impact driver, and managed to finally get the front sprocket bolt off with the assistance of this video right hurr. Kept forgetting that there was a retaining washer installed that worked to prevent the bolt from spinning off the engine, so I had to go and flatten the washer against the engine aaaaaaand... bolt is off.

Now I just gotta commit to the rest of the project, which will either be tonight or tomorrow based on my motivation.

...Really don't got a lot of that lately.

Sad panda.

Side note: Watched Fant4stic last night, and I can understand why it got panned. Though it was decent enough an experience, it took them damn near the entire movie to remember that, "Oh, hey: Victor is still on the weird planet."

And then he came, exploded some heads, left, and got dealt with.

In a very tidy, very lazy kinda bow.