Post-Navy Life.

I've had a few job offers over the past few years as my time to get out draws nearer.

Though many of them seem appealing, the more that I ponder the idea of getting out of the Navy to keep on dealing with some of the same (subjectively) major struggles seems... not great.

In this case, it's the idea of gate traffic.

Working in the Navy (and I'm sure other branches face the same struggle on their own bases), you get the distinct privilege of getting in line to go to work in the morning.

...And for someone that just doesn't like the idea of work in general, that's not a thrilling proposition.

"I enjoy rollercoasters," I told one of my folks, "But I still won't stand in a line for one."

Same sentiment definitely applies where gate traffic is concerned.

Current command doesn't have that problem for the most part, but it's taken me 17 years to find a place like that.