Weaponized incompetence.

That's a nifty term that I've noticed somewhat recently, and since I discovered the term, I've also been noticing an uptick in what I can only assume is weaponized incompetence in action.

If it's not senior leadership bumbling their way through unprepared responses to unexpected questions, it'd have to be the way we maintain administration.

To be fair: I fully respect the fact that as an IT—especially one that enjoys the actual IT part of the job—I'm a lot more likely to be diving into Excel. But there are things that absolutely drive me up the wall. Not freezing panes to keep headers at the top, random breaks in the sheets with no discernible keys to what the breaks mean... that kinda shit.

So yes. Weaponized incompetence.

Weaponized incompetence refers to a continual behavior that is typically intentional, rather than a few occurrences where someone is unhelpful.

In short: someone does a shitty job not because they're unable to, but because they want to demonstrate that they shouldn't be the one assigned the task.

It could also just be indifference to the presentation of the final product. After all, why bother with the polish when this product doesn't matter?


Especially when those same people are the ones that champion bullshit evolutions like Sailor 360 or MWR events.

Which I'd argue are substantially less important.

But... different strokes, I guess.