Please spay or neuter your dog.

Never thought that I'd catch myself saying—in any form—those particular words, but... here we are.

It started last Friday. I got home, and Kerri hadn't rushed downstairs with Pola to meet me like she usually does. Though I was able to coax her off the bed to come on the routine afternoon walk, she was a little sluggish.

Saturday it got worse, and she hadn't eaten anything since Friday.

Sunday was even worse, and still hadn't eaten anything. Her sluggishness turned into full-blown lethargy, and she had something wrong with her left eye. Upon closer inspection, it had gotten bloodshot and started getting cloudy.

As good, concerned parents do, we immediately began scouring the internet for possible causes. Primary concern was Lyme disease, and a lot of the symptoms matched up. The eye was a bit of an outlier, but I also noticed she had some swelling in her belly.

We managed to get her into the vet the next day, and after they ran some tests, it was determined that she had pyometra.

To be clear:

Kerri was in pain and close to death because of my stupidly ignorant stubbornness.

Why should we spay or neuter our pets, when there are billions of human beings on the planet that proliferate like sex-crazed rabbits?

Because. Your loved ones could die of a disease for no fucking reason.

Fortunately, the vets were skilled in their craft and managed to perform the required surgery to dig out her infected bits, and she was returned to us that day. Mandy was a champ, having stayed down there the entire time waiting.

Kerri was high as a kite for the rest of the night, as well as into the next day.

As of this morning, she's at what I'd consider to be 75%.

And improving.

So please.

Unless you've got a damn good reason not to, just... do it.