Deckplate leadership.

Aside from "shipmate", they're two of my least favorite words in the Navy vocabulary.

You have to be out there on them deckplates. Watching your folks, teaching them, making sure they don't do any wrong. Lifting them above their current station.

The problem with this particular approach—that I've seen—is that those that practice it end up doing so in great excess.

The people that you've been charged with leading may be covered (emphasis on "may"), but now you've essentially ghosted everyone else.

If you're too busy out there on them deckplates, how the hell am I supposed to find you?

Single best approach—in my somewhat humble opinion—is to check in with your folks in the morning, and throughout the day for spot checks as necessary. Check in again with them at the end.

Otherwise: Make sure they know where to find you. If you've got an office, plant your ass in that seat and knock out the tasking you've got assigned.

Forecast for tasks that regularly come down the pipe. Or may come down the pipe at some point.

That way, when we need to find you...

There. You. Are.