Not sure which of those things apply to many of the folks I encounter in my daily professional dealings, but I'm increasingly beginning to think it's actually all of them.

Which wouldn't be a problem if those same people weren't so damn vocal with their virtue signalling.

Got a text in the Chiefy group last night showing pictures of both the front and CPO parking areas, crowing about how the Mess was hard at work.

My dude: those photos were the exception, not the rule.

In the year and some change that I've been here, it's been my experience that the CPO parking spaces are almost always vacant. I can understand this to some extent as not all of the CPOs that work here work on a regular day shift—many of them are watch standers that operate on their own tempo.

But to go and make the claim that somehow the quantity of vehicles in spaces equates to more work getting done...


And if it was satire, I'd like for the text to be tYpEd ThUsLy.

I get here at 0600 (give or take 20 minutes) every morning not because I'm a hard-charger. Not because I'm highly motivated, super dedicated. But—as I've said before—because I loathe traffic in any form.

But I never bring it up in daily conversation.

Because it doesn't matter.

In other news:

Got a screen printing kit.

About to make some sweet, sweet CPO swag.