It's no secret to anyone that remotely knows me that I'm irrationally antisocial.

I manage to fake it enough each day to come across as a decent enough person (I think?), but when folks randomly come up to me and engage in conversation with the purpose of coming off as concerned... and then they aren't actually concerned—or don't come across as such—I'm genuinely miffed.

Even things as simple as a passing "hey, how are you?" and then not giving a damn about the response is infuriating.

I'd rather you just not say anything at all than force me to acknowledge your presence.

Which I think may make me the exception to the rule?

I dunno.

But prolly.

Also: Ragnarök is an amazing game so far. Didn't put anywhere near as much time into it as I'd have liked, but... damn. Solid work by the team at Santa Monica Studio for the astounding job.

And I'm thankful that my dental procedure next week is gonna give me the entire weekend and all of next week to enjoy it.