Let's go, 2023.

Let's go.

Had the last of our four-day weekends for the holiday period, but tempo at work is still relatively relaxed for the next week or two.

New puppy boi is doing really well with his house-training, though he still sucks at responding to his name. Worse still is the fact that I've never encountered an animal so adept at disappearing from one place and respawning right under your feet.

Managed to make myself a new logo for FOXWERX over the weekend, and it marks the second thing I've been proud of in quite a long time. Also decided to dump WordPress entirely because it's a stupidly laggy platform out of the box. Or at least, the box that my hosting provider chooses to use for its automated installer system. Internet says the lag is largely caused by outdated or non-optimized plugins, and I just don't have time to be finagling with that kinda nonsense.

...Not when I can just build a more responsive system on my own and have full control over the system.



That's all I got.

Good luck in this new year, y'all!