Why reinvent the wheel?

Because sometimes, the first version of the wheel is terrible and needs to be tweaked a good bit.

And only somewhat related: I recently discovered something kinda neat that I think i may incorporate into FOXWERX's portfolio...

Challenge coins.

And it's funny that I hadn't considered it sooner, because... welp, the email exchange I had with the vendor of my command's CPO Mess coins couldn't give me an immediate quote, because he'd need to get a quote from the factory that makes them.

Well wait a minute... the factory that makes them? I wonder who they could possibly be referring to.

Oh wait.


So with a random burst of inspiration, I decided to hop on Alibaba over the weekend and check out whether they had something vaguely resembling challenge coins.

And they absolutely did.

Tons of vendors on there wanting to hock their wares, and once I submitted a request for a quote, I was barraged by a bunch of them with undercutting offers.

It was absolutely magical.

And so as a test of a theory, I had them quote a simple matte black coin for FOXWERX. It seems that in general, what you do is submit the design and quantity requirements and then they run it through their team of folks to get you a quote that includes (most expensively) a one-time fee for the creation of the mold for the coins. Then they breakdown the cost per coin based on how many you're ordering (larger numbers equal less dollars), and then let you know the damage.

For the FOXWERX coin, that ended up coming out to around $340 with the mold again being the most expensive part of the process.

Now that being said, selling challenge coins would be a bit of a gamble and require some additional maths on my part. I'd have to figure out how to roll the cost of the coin mold into the process without being overly greedy for the profit end.

But then again, that's what our vendor seems to do.

Nope, nevermind. Not too difficult at all.

And I could outsource the design process to some rando on Fiverr.