Last week, I submitted an exception request to the folks responsible for greenlighting websites to be viewed on the Navy's unclassified network, as FOXWERX had been flagged as "Gambling, Business and Economy".

If you're able to see the site, you'll see that there's absolutely nothing to do with gambling on there.

...Though my LPO told me that "it's a gamble whether you'll be able to get quality made etched glass".


That said, it was amusing to watch as the ticket escalated through various people within the organization before finally ending with them sending an email to the FOXWERX support inbox.

"Hello," it read, "We are reaching out to you due to several users wanting access to your site and being unable due to the site's categorization of 'Gambling, Business and Economy'. Please confirm that your site is not gambling related."

I replied that there was indeed nothing vaguely resembling gambling on the site.

...To which they replied that I needed to update the site to remove the block within their proxy.

That's... that's not at all how this works.

At least, not in this particular case.

Dafuq, Navy.