Alright. Nailed it.

As much as I hate on Leidos as a corporation, not all of their folks are pains in the backside.

One of them reached out yesterday and suggested I take a look at BrightCloud for re-categorizing the FOXWERX site. Most promising at the outset was that it was the first site I'd found that even had a gambling tag applied to my site, so I went through with the request.

After a few hours, the folks at BrightClown decided that though they weren't going to fully comply with my request, they'd give my site a boost to its credit rating, essentially. Moving it from risky to legitimate.

Gambling stuck, though.

So I reached back out and challenged them to either send me a link to an iota of gambling content on the site, or remove the tag.

Overnight they replied that once again, they'd not fully complied with my request, but that they had removed the gambling tag.

...So they fully complied with my request, while saying they didn't.

Nonsense aside, managed to confirm that it was a true statement.

Can now access FOXWERX on the work network, and... yep. Good stuff.

Dental here shortly.