Imagine my surprise.

When something I ordered a month ago that's manufactured in China was marked as shipped.

...With a delivery date the next day.

To be clear: I was briefed on the expected timeline for production, but beyond that it was pretty vague. And as with all things shipped from overseas—and China specifically—I can understand the amount of time involved.

I was more than a bit incredulous about the delivery estimate, but I checked the UPS tracking link and it was indeed in China with a scheduled delivery of today.

Went to bed, and woke up with notifications that the package had hit Anchorage and then Louisville.

I didn't pay for next-day delivery.

I was content for it to get here sometime near the end of this month, or the middle of next.

Sorry not sorry for the gushing, but that's some incredible logistic gymnastics.

In other news.

Decided to stop dragging my feet with web development and learn a couple technologies I'd relegated to not just the back burner, but the cabinet above the back burner: Symfony and Bootstrap.

I've been somewhat abhorrent about learning new things in recent years, but... as my time in the Navy comes to a close, it's time to diversify the shit outta that portfolio.