Ditched Symfony.

But not for the regular "I don't wanna" reason.

Well, not entirely.

Turns out that Symfony is designed right out of the box to be far more scalable than Laravel is, and consequently has a slightly steeper learning curve.

I'd read this, but as per the norm with my developer hobbies I was arrogant and thought I could overcome it.

And who knows? With the right motivation and enough time, maybe I could.

...But I don't wanna chance it.

So I opted instead for Laravel.

Finished a four hour course of sorts on YouTube and was feeling invincible. Tried to then go and immediately apply what I'd "learned" on an overhaul of the FOXWERX site, and... nope. As with so many other tutorials that come in video form, I absolutely data dumped that stuff almost immediately. I'll give a shot to the Laracasts version and see if that turns out any better.

In other news: cleaned out the garage. Mostly. Been putting that off for months (if not years), and my god it was an amazing feeling.

Just gotta get the workbench built and I'll be good to go to continue with my side hustle dealies.

Also: The Last of Us Part II? Amazing.

Chef's kiss, even.