So apparently I can't even get breathing right.

In the pursuit of me trying to figure out why I'm so goddamn tired all the time, I asked the internet "can improper breathing lead to fatigue", which led to the response that yes.

Yes it can.

My particular issue is one known as shallow breathing, and it's the default mode my body/brain/both have decided to assume for regular daily breathing activities. It was particularly difficult to isolate this, as well, because once I focus on my breathing, I don't know if that's how I've been breathing, or if it's just how I'm breathing now that I'm paying attention to it.

Long story short: I take short, tiny breaths as opposed to the longer deeper breaths that most folk regularly do.

That's the second thing I've gotta be cognizant about now; the first one being that I need to dedicate brainpower to correcting my damn duck-footedness.

...Stupid body.

Making an appointment for a sleep study. Hopefully this one is more positive than the bullshit one I got from Balboa.

Navy's greatest medical facility by butthole.