The saga of Steve.

I've got a problem.

At one of my earlier commands... circa 2009 or so... I met a rather eccentric individual named Steve. He was actually a really pleasant individual other than a distinct lack of personal hygiene and strange personal habits (including removing the steering wheel from his truck when he parked it and carrying around way too much cash in a roll), but... he started something.

At each command I've been to since, there's always been a Steve. Sometimes you had to look a bit harder to find him, but eventually you'd find a Steve.

And Steve generally wasn't his name.

But I don't remember the names of each Steve I've met.

Including the command where I'm at now.

I know to whom I'm referring when I invoke "Steve", but nobody else does.

And I've been here far too long to comfortably ask other folks what his name actually is.

Fortunately, though, I can just fall back to the respectful "sir" and call it a day.


Happy Friday, all!