By the existence of this site alone, it should be clear that I do a bit o' dabblin' in the arcane arts of web development (and to a much, much lesser extent, iOS development). Here, you can find links to some of the projects I've made.


Worth note that as of the creation of these page, none of these apps have been updated in a hot minute, soooooo... they may or may not function correctly.

Also—because I'm still bitter about it—the eDIVO app on the App Store? The Navy paid $250,000.00 to develop it. There's no comma/decimal error there: TWO HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. All for a shitty UI with archived webpages from NPC and other generic content.


Generally speaking, if you're looking for someone with experience in HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL... I'm your dude.

Technical Writing

Technical writing is the act of writing up simplified documentation derived from complex source material so that others can better practice the craft of... whatever the hell it is you're writing about.