Could've gone with VAPing, but figured I'd lean into the juvenile.

Installed my Visual Aid Panel (VAP), and I'm irrationally stoked. VAPs, by the way, are the moniker given to the artists previously known as whiteboards, since the term "whiteboard" isn't proper inclusive language.


My last post ended prematurely following a quote from a website regarding COVID test kits. And since I'm too lazy to have built a post editing function, I'm gonna leave it that way. To finish the thought, though: the fact that people are up in arms about jacked up prices for test kits is absolutely mind-boggling.

"The test I need to take because I'm feeling ill after getting together with dozens of other people that in all likelihood were around someone else that was infected in this clusterfuck is overpriced!"

That's them.

That's what they sound like.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Reading more and more into political news since I've got excessive amounts of free time early in the morning, and all I have to say is this: make political work an actual service to the country to weed out the corruption. Treat political workers like enlisted folk in terms of housing: we'll pay for you to live in this dorm, and if you decide you don't like it, that comes out of your insanely low paycheck every month.

I'd take it one step further and not even allow them the decency of a housing allowance at any career milestone.

You know... keep them humble.

And at any sign of accepting bribes or other monetary gifts, we sentence them to swift and immediate


Don't care where, but you can't stay here.