FLTRES request has left the command, and my fate is entirely in the hands of those at NPC. Given their practices and processes are almost wholly unknown to me, my mistrust can only muster up cautious optimism.

I also reached out to ManTech yesterday with a job application for technical writing. Also cautiously optimistic on that one as well, especially given that the job offer expires May of 2023. But maybe I can at least secure some kind of promissory note that I can pass off to the CCC here so they can use it to drop me a tier level with my damn Career Readiness Standards requirements.

Really wish the military wasn't so goddamn difficult to work with for some of the most asinine things.

Getting out shouldn't be a hassle. Literally just put the period at the end of the sentence that is your military career, wish us well (or don't), and send us on our merry way.

Worth note: As much as I respected him in office, I came to find out that Barack Obama is the reason that Vow Compliance exists, which leads to the transition programs being mandatory.

It's my firm belief that we as a society could seriously use something akin to a page 13 or other type of agreement, where we waive our rights to complain for "losing out" on something like these retirement seminars.

I don't like proffered assistance that was never requested. Shit, I usually don't like assistance in general.

I just want to be left alone.

To do my own thing.

In other news, a BMW was being exceptionally aggressive yesterday morning on the drive in to work. Though I can normally get behind more aggressive driving (because it helps me get to where I'm going more easily), this dude was being irrationally aggressive. Serious tail-gating and trying to cut people off.

At one point, he decided to use the shoulder to try to bypass the two lanes of traffic and he was almost about to gun it through a red light that had been red for a solid 30 seconds.

...When he noticed the cop in the other lane.

So he backed down.

And with his tail between his legs, sheepishly turned on his turn signal to be let back in to the normal flow of traffic.

Fortunately, everyone banded together against the asshole and he was forced to wait behind everyone.



Loved it.

Anyway. That's all I've got for now.

Trying to get my PCM to up my Effexor dosage.

Ideal end state: a blanket over my brain that helps me just tune everything and everyone out.