Managing people sucks.

Or at least, it's not for me.

I've recently discovered a game by the name of Cult of the Lamb. I have to thank the YouTube algorithms for slipping this one into my feed, otherwise I'd have never noticed it; but I'm thankful it did. And that I did. The art style is adorably wicked, and the mechanics are pretty polished. Only real gripe to begin with was that there'd occasionally be substantial bouts of lag as the particle effects on screen got out of hand.

Not game-breaking, just frustrating.

But as the (in-game) days crept on, I realized something: as much as I dislike being in charge of people in my day-to-day professional life, I absolutely abhor it in my personal life.

These little cultists with their little needs.

Their sometimes petty, odd little needs.

One of my dudes started spouting some heretical nonsense, and I had to scramble to deal with him lest he spoil the flock.

So, as with my professional life, I found things in-game to distract myself from their needs.

I ran back into the dungeons to mindlessly hack down monsters and gather them sweet, sweet loots.

I went fishing.

Back to the village to clean poops and pukes.

More sermons.

More fishing.

More dungeons.

All in all, despite my aversion to people management, I'm still enjoying Cult.

But I'm still just beginning; I'm sure something will happen to make me put it down.

We'll see.

In other news, I finally got back in the saddle, as it were. After a year of having avoided actively taking Zephyr out for rides, I got her started and commuted into work twice in the past week. What I discovered is that all my road-rage filled commutes in the CX-5 all but vanish on the bike.

Can't figure out why just yet, but I'll take it.

Two more work days, then a week of leave to celebrate another year of life (relatively) unscathed.